How much does the wipLstix weigh?
One pound, one ounce.

Is Hillbilly Bob married?
No, but since he's installed an indoor toilet, his elegibility has sky-rocketed! He has a new website:

If I carry around a WipLstix will people like me? ..Think I'm cool?

Definitely yes. What's more it's easier to carry to jams then your own fiddle and everyone will want to trade you out to try it. Then you'll always have a fiddle to play.

What about travel abroad and security at aeroports?

Never heard of any trouble, but in foreign countries there is a certain respect and berth given to a foreigner carrying around a piece of PVC pipe.

What does it sound like with a pickup on it?
"Sounds loud & clear!" -- Hillbilly Bob

Here's Hillbilly Bob preparing to go onstage at Carnegie Hall. (He's still preparing.)

Hillbilly Bob opts for a more portable pickup on his tailpiece.